Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Real Enemy - 3 stars

The Real Enemy by Kathy Herman

Brill is the new police chief in town. Not only does she have the disadvantage of being the new kid on the block, but she is also a woman. Two strikes against her. Things start out pretty calm, but soon, people start disappearing. She is determined to not let anything happen to these people on her watch, but as the count of people missing grows, her confidence seems to shrink.

Brill's husband Kurt made a horrible decision that cost him his family. Sure, it seems like they are a family on the outside, but his wife won't even have a decent conversation with him. It seems that Brill is determined to never let her husband live down his horrible decision. She has forgotten all about the grace of God and therefore, doesn't even know how to give grace to her husband.

Brill has to face the fact that nothing in her life can be solved on her own power. She can't solve the case, and she can't solve the problem in her marriage. Turning to God would be the only choice to get her through, but it is a choice she will be willing to make?

I admit that this book did keep me guessing throughout. The suspense and the mystery behind the kidnappings was enough to keep the book going. The characters, on the other hand, were not as well developed. I was disappointed that Brill gave into her own temptation and we never got to see how that was resolved. It seemed that the ending of this book was rushed, and therefore it created some let down for me.

I recommend it as a good suspense/mystery, but it didn't really do much to get me thinking. I would just put this in the 'brain candy' category.

3 stars

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