Sunday, March 11, 2012

Breach of Trust - 4 stars

I was talking to my husband the other day about the books I usually choose to read. Here's how the short conversation went;

Me: I don't know why I always choose books about independent women who like to kick butt, but are in desperate need of a hero.

Long pause

My Husband: Well, maybe because that's you.


Isn't it interesting how often we choose books about characters that remind us of either ourselves, or who we want to be?

Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills

Paige Roberts is an ex-CIA agent hiding out in small town America. She seems like a typical girl-next-door with her job at the library, beautiful home with a cozy front porch and her rural friendships; except for the fact that in her purse she is hiding a glock and before she leaves her home each day, she sets her own sensors just in case someone comes around when she's not there.

Everything goes according to her plan, until she starts falling for the town's football coach. Miles wants desperately to get to know Paige, but she desperately is trying not to be known. Isn't that so much like us? We want to be known so much, but the fear of rejection or failure often prevents us from getting into or keeping relationships that could be so meaningful. Paige has to learn to trust Miles and ultimately, trust that God knows the plans He has for her. It is a leap of faith, I must take daily.

Through a series of events, her life is in danger. Paige must risk everything she is to keep everything she wants.

This book was faced paced and it did keep me guessing. I was surprised to find out who the mole was at the end. I enjoyed the tension between Paige and Miles, but was disappointed that there wasn't more Christian influence in this book. I really enjoyed Miles and how He trusted in God through the disappointments he experienced with Paige, his job and his future. His solid faith was an encouragement to me through my own trials.

If you like suspenseful romance, you would definitely like this book. I give it 4 stars!

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