Friday, March 9, 2012

If God is Good - nonfiction

If God is Good by Randy Alcorn

It is so easy in our culture to get wrapped up in our Santa Claus view of God. We think God is there to serve us. We think that if suffering comes our way, then God has failed us. I admit that there were many times in my life I have felt this way, even now, it is an area that I am growing in.

Randy Alcorn has written a fantastic book explaining what the Bible says is true. God is not there for us, we are here for Him. Anything good from God is a gift. Evil exists in the world, people are evil. That is evidenced by just one segment of the evening news. God is so gracious in that He uses the evil in this world for His glory, He grows us and makes us more like Him.

If you struggle with the issue of suffering. If you have ever asked or been asked, "How can God be good, if there is so much suffering/evil?" and you didn't know how to respond, please get this book. It will open your eyes to what is true and what is just our culture speaking. There IS good and there IS evil in the world.

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