Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not By Might - 2.5 stars

Not by Might by Al Lacey

From the cover and synopsis of this book, it seemed to be an interesting one. In some ways it was; but it many ways, I was wrong.

This book does a great job setting the scene for the story. I really enjoy reading about the Old West and Al Lacey did a fine job describing it. The beginning of this book was extremely hard to get into. I found it slow, dull and hard to follow. I might have abandoned this book, except for the commitment I made to review it.

It wasn’t until about the middle of the book that I actually started understanding what happening. I even started caring about the characters, although I found them to be a little weak in their depth of development. I wish Al Lacey would have developed the story of the characters even more.

It also was disappointing how quickly events happened. The main events in the story (especially the ending events) weren’t written with a lot of build up or detail and it seemed that they were over before they even began.

Overall, this story is a fine read if you are into the Old West. If you are looking for a deep novel with believable characters, this is probably not your cup of tea.

2.5 stars

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Publishing Company in exchange for my honest review

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