Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweetwater Gap - 4 stars

Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter

It is a rare thing to get second chances in life. Once decisions are made and actions are taken, it is hard to undo them. Josie Mitchell understands this better than most people. She made a decision years ago that forever changed her life. Now that it seems life is dealing her cards back to her, she willingly accepts them. When she meets Grady, the manager of her family’s orchard, she begins to second guess her decisions. There is one decision she still has time to change, but it would cost her the pride she has held on to for so many years.

I’ve never read anything by Denise Hunter before, but I am glad I did now. She is a great writer. Sweetwater Gap weaves a beautiful tale about second chances and the decision we make on a day to day basis. She learns about forgiving herself. Why is that such a harder thing to do sometimes, than forgiving other people? I love seeing her journey of forgiveness unfold. There were times I wanted to sit Josie down and smack some sense into her. Other times, I empathized with her foolish decisions.

I love how Denise Hunter wrote the characters, they are so rich and believable. I would have enjoyed even more development in the beginning of the story with the relationship between Josie and Grady. Also, I didn’t full understand the friendship that the sisters (Josie and Laurel) shared in the book.

I love the description the author uses, at times I felt as if I were walking in the orchard myself. This books was a delight to me!

4 stars


  1. This book was on the clearance table at the bookstore yesterday and I bought it, I've not read anything by her so I'm glad to find your review.
    I'm a follower now!

  2. I will be so curious to know what you think! I'm so glad you are a follower!