Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surrender Bay - 3.5 stars

Surrender Bay  by Denise Hunter

They were best friends growing up, but somehow, life has a way of splitting apart even the best of friends. Samantha's life hasn’t been easy, as a result of the behavior of her stepdad and other family members, she learned at a young age how to distrust others. The only person she ever could trust was Landon. 

Unfortunately, life happened. Samantha made some mistakes and knew they were unforgivable sins. Landon claims to love her; past, present and future. But can someone really promise that, if they don’t know what happened in the past or what the future holds?

I found this book hard to read. I realize this is probably just because Samantha is so much like me. I understand her need to run away from love, because something seems too good to be true. I wish this book would have talked more about the true Giver of love – our Savior Jesus Christ. The only reason we can understand love to the fullest is through Him. The only way we can be loved to the fullest is through Him. I have learned in my life, like her; when I want to run away out of fear, what I really need is to turn and embrace the love that is being offered so freely. 

Although this book had great characters and a captivating setting (who wouldn’t want to live there?), I wished it would have included more of the saving grace of Christ. No man can fulfill our heart’s desire for love the way that our Savior can. 

3.5 stars

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