Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Healer - 5 stars

The Healer by Dee Henderson

This book made me want to change my career. Really. I began researching all about how to become a trauma psychologist for kids. Then I got married and that was that.

The Healer is a suspenseful ride, make sure you bring some tissues. It is also an emotional one.

Dee Henderson is back with another member of the O'Malley family. This time, Rachel is the one who seems to find disaster. A school shooting proves to be a challenge; not only for the students but also for the entire O'Malley family. Rachel must deal with her grief while being the support her family and the children so desperately need.

I found myself relating to Rachel a lot in this book. She loves other people, but tries to be strong. She has to learn to rely on God to get her through the tragedy and to keep her safe.

The Healer was definitely an emotional ride, but the suspense kept me up late reading. 5 stars!

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