Monday, January 30, 2012

A Lasting Impression - 5 stars

A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander 

Books like this make me want to don a beautiful southern belle dress and go out. Even if I just go grocery shopping!

Claire is an artist, but when a robbery goes awry and her father is murdered, she flees to Nashville. With no money, no friends and no family, she is desperate. She meets Sutton Monroe, who seems to show up at just the right moment. In a whirlwind, she finds herself with a job with one of the most wealthy women in Nashville. While Claire tries to continue painting, she realizes that the robbery was much more than just a whim. Sutton begins to doubt her, and she fears for her life.

I love the themes of grace and forgiveness in this book. Claire runs away from grace, feeling undeserving, but somehow the grace of God continues to pour over her. I find this so true to how God works in my life. So many times, I want to reject the grace of God since I don't deserve it. What a lie! God's grace is given to us as a gift, no one deserves it. My job is to just open up my arms and accept it! When Claire learns to do this, she sees how God intervenes in her life to work all things for good.

5 stars!

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