Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Though My Heart is Torn - 5 stars!

When I first choose, Though my Heart is Torn, to review, I hadn't realized that I'd already read the first book in series. So when I first got started reading, I was little confused, but then the characters fell into place and I realized that I have read this series, or at least the first book in the series.

Gideon and Lonnie's story is captivating. I admit that I read this book in one day.  I just couldn't put it down, and yet I was so frustrated with the ending. I won't give it away, but I will tell you even with the ending reading the book is totally worth it.

Gideon and Lonnie have grown to love each other. Their love has grown from suffering and trials which makes it even more beautiful and deep. After all the suffering, they finally get to be together. That is ,until they realize Gideon has made some choices in his past that will affect his future. Will they be able to stay together, or will Gideon's past come back to break them apart?

Let me warn you if you read this book you're going to need some tissues. You might as well block off the whole day in your calendar while you're at it, because you're going to want to not put this book down.

5 stars!

*I received this book for free from Waterbrook Press, in exchange for my review

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