Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inescapable - 3.5 stars

Inescapable (Road to Kingdom)
Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

Lizzie ran away from her roots in her hometown of Kingdom in order to get away from the stuffy, strict community. Most importantly, she ran away from her father who never showed her love.

Now, she has to run again, this time she runs BACK to Kingdom. Will this time be like the last? Or will she find that life has changed? She can only hope that her father has changed.

To top off the fear of returning to Kingdom, Lizzie also has to deal with a stalker who has been leaving her threatening notes. Her only hope lies in the form of a childhood friend, Noah.

I found this book to be intriguing. It was different than the typical inspirational romantic suspense. The setting was unique, as were the characters and plot. I did find that the depth of development of some of the characters fell a little flat and was predictable. I did enjoy watching Lizzie grow in her faith and forgiveness.

I am looking forward to more books in the Kingdom series, as well as deeper characters.

I was given this book for free for my honest review.

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